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2020-06-06 15:00:00

Intercontinental Toronto Centre

Toronto, ON


DFK USA/Canada Leadership Symposium

Estimated* Registration fees: $1100 USD
*Subject to change at time of registration

Track One: Present Like a Pro!

Who’s it for: Managers (or soon to be) & Partners looking to improve their presentation skills in front of clients, at firm presentations, or to larger groups.

14 CPE Hours

A study by AT&T and Stanford University found the number one predictor of success and upward mobility is how much you enjoy public speaking and how effective you are at it.

This hands-on workshop provides practical guidelines to build acceptance and action from your target audience! It will help you move from information-based presentations to outcome-focused communications.

You will learn and practice key dimensions of communication and how to avoid or eliminate presentation static.

As a result of your active participation in this session, you will be able to:

  • Reduce anxiety.
    Effectively assess your audience.
    Identify characteristics that enhance or detract from your message.
    Connect and communicate with your audience at a higher level.
    Prepare presentations with strong openings, meaningful content and compelling conclusions.

This track is limited to TWENTY participants

Track Two: The Future Ready Leader: Leading with Strategic Foresight

Extraordinary times require extraordinary leaders. Leaders today need to see through the fog of
uncertainty and inspire people to achieve more than they think is possible. Learning to lead with
strategic foresight provides the critical skills needed to lead in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain,
Complex and Ambiguous) time.
Learning Objectives:
● Identify the key attributes of high performing leaders in rapidly changing times;
● Discuss the five C’s of Future Ready Leaders – Context, Character, Consciousness,
Competencies, and Collaboration
● Understand strategic foresight and how to use that to position your career and
organization for success in a constantly changing world
● Identify future trends and understand hard trends (future facts) that will impact your
organization and clients
● Apply new tools and techniques to engage, mobilize and inspire the people they are
responsible for
● Review the latest techniques of goal-setting, feedback and creating accountability
● Create personal leadership action plans to take back
Course Highlights:
● Leadership in a VUCA world and the critical competency of anticipation
● The 5 C’s of Future Ready Leaders- Character, Consciousness, Context, Competencies,
and Collaboration
● The contextual leader – matching your inner game with your outer game
● Understanding our fast-changing world through hard trends (future facts) and soft trends
● Inspiring and motivating others through collaboration and engagement
● Insight to action – developing your personal leadership development plan