An Association of Independent Accounting Firms Expanding the World of Opportunity

DFK International/USA is an association of independent, full-service public accounting and consulting firms with offices serving major markets throughout the United States. The association is affiliated with DFK International, with over 300 offices in over 80 countries.

DFK provides independent member firms with a forum to exchange practice management information and technical expertise, opportunities for continuing education and leadership development, and the resources to serve their clients on a national and international level.


Membership Benefits


Sharing Information & Expertise – DFK Member Firms access practice management information and technical expertise through conferences, conference calls, email lists, and surveys.

Committees & Surveys

DFK/USA Committees are forums for the exchange of technical expertise and practice management information related to particular practice specialties.

Leadership Development
& Coaching

DFK/USA provides leadership training to new partners and new managers — two critical career junctures — through our Leadership Development Conferences.

National & International

DFK/USA aims to have a Member Firm in every major market in the United States; however, DFK/USA does not intend to expand beyond 35 firms, in order to maintain cohesiveness and familiarity among the Member Firms.
Success Story: Bennett Thrasher
"Advising corporate clients on tax-efficient multinational operations requires dependable, knowledgeable, responsive partners in markets worldwide. DFK International’s far-reaching global footprint and collaborative culture enables my team to provide world class transfer pricing services from BT’s office in Atlanta, GA."