DFK USA Members Reunite at Multiple Events in June


DFK USA Members Reunite at Multiple Events in June

Members of DFK USA have reunited in-person for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began at a leadership development program for new managers.

It was a busy June for DFK USA with five different programs taking place, and members meeting in-person for the first time in nearly 18 months.

The first two of these took place in Denver, Colorado, with 30 delegates taking part in a new managers session which was run both virtually and in person, and 13 people joining a separate in-person session. The programs had been postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic.

The sessions covered leadership skills, managing people, building a book of business and how accounting firms are run.

The program received a large amount of positive feedback from delegates, with one attendee stating: “The course organically encouraged a lot of conversation and participation, which I think is the best way to learn.”

Another attendee added: “It gave a valuable insight on the information a partner needs to run their business and how we measure against others.

“It was an excellent course that covered a broad range of useful information.”

DFK USA’s second leadership development event for new managers was then held in Nashville from June 14 to 16 and proved one of the most popular program after it sold out to 32 attendees.

A Rainmaker program was also held for members in Nashville, with a focus on revenue and selling.

The final event saw a managers’ conference take place in Dallas, Texas, with 38 in-person attendees and other delegates joining virtually from Canada, the UK and elsewhere in the USA.

The conference included discussions on business development, firm culture and succession planning.

Those attending heard from a range of speakers, including DFK members Matt Blank of Friedman LLP, Jeff Jacob, of Wilkins Miller and Bill Wright of Shea Labagh Dobberstein.

Sessions on leadership – including best practices – were also held, and attendees shared information on their latest developments.

Maureen Dillmore, DFK USA Executive Director, said: “The main benefit of any DFK program is a chance to build those trusted advisor relationships with one another and being able to share feedback.

“There was also so much value in getting together and the sessions showed the benefits of meeting in person and making those connections.

“It was fantastic to meet in-person again and the feedback from those who took part has been very positive.”

DFK USA member firms are now looking forward to the North American annual conference in October which is planned to be held fully in person with no virtual attendance option.

The conference will include discussions on managing a hybrid workforce, the new face of the workforce post coronavirus, and diversity and inclusion.